Low-cost ventilator prototype

As the novel coronavirus continues to rage across Bangladesh and other countries across the globe, emergency situations arising out of coronavirus infections is on the rise. As a result, patients suffering from acute cases of COVID-19 and related respiratory complications are growing in number every day, increasing the demand for ventilators.

And so, to ensure that a stock of ventilators is available during this crisis, TigerIT has produced a prototype for a low-cost ventilator. Ours is a mechanical non-invasive ventilator. Similar to the ventilators that are in use throughout healthcare institutions, the ventilator we have produced can be a resource in the treatment of not only severe cases of COVID-19, but of other respiratory diseases, too.

The design for our prototype emulates a concept formulated by MIT. This project is among various others we have been inspired to venture upon through the partnership we formed with the esteemed institution in 2019.

The ventilator can be wholly manufactured here at home in Bangladesh, as all the materials needed for production can be sourced locally; as a result, the production cost is significantly reasonable - the production cost for the ventilator will range from BDT 15,000 to BDT 20,000.

The design presently awaits to be sent to the concerned authorities for approval. Upon receiving the approval, TigerIT Bangladesh Ltd. will put up 500 units of the ventilator as a donation and can produce more, as needed. We will also share the design, free of cost, with those interested in manufacturing it.

Immense gratitude is due to Sajjadul Hakim, Vice President of Software & Services, TigerIT, and to Md. Redwan Hasan, Mechatronics Engineer, Software & Services, TigerIT, who, along with their team, have worked relentlessly over the past few weeks to develop this prototype. The great urgency and swiftness with which they've completed this project are commendable.